Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Metal Sheds

MEtal Garden Sheds is one important equipment that is mandatory in our homes now a days. The sheds provides covering for our vehicles, childrens cycles and many more outdoor properties. These metal sheds comes in handy when it comes to compactness. These metal sheds comes in various sizes depending on the use of customers. There are various metal garden sheds like Garden Furniture Storage unit, High Garden Storage shed, Metal Garden shed, High Security Metal shed and many more. These metal garden sheds comes in a very affordable prize and also very effective.
These sheds comes in various types depending on the customers needs. The metal sheds varies with size and weight for each type. These sheds can easily be moved from one place to another.The metal sheds can be used as a storage unit to store garden equipments ,cycles, flower pots, fishmonger and many more. The price of these metal sheds are affordable when compared to the efficiency of the equipment. The Ascard store provides these metal sheds at an attractive price with great discounts. Get your metal sheds and get benefitted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Digital Printing

Digital printing is one way of advertising the products by the company. More attractive the poster ,more customers will flow through your company. Getting your digital printing is one very important aspect of the business. If you are looking for a company to provide best and fast digital printing,then you are in the right place. The company offers many types of digital printing as short run print, flyers,leaflets,folded leaflets and many more.The quality given by the company is so great that will make you speechless when you watch your company's name in the picture.It just gives a divine and a special look to the name as well as the reputation of the company. The company also provides various digital printing services like leaflets,folded leaflets, flyers and many more services with different size limit.More importantly ,the company provides the orders placed by the customers as fast a they can. The orders are completed within few hours and the very next day printing orders are delivered to the customers.So what are you waiting for. Get your job done in the company and be rest assured about the job.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is one of the reputed academy providing various kinds of programs to the students. Various programs offered in the academy are Ultrasound technology,Radiology technology, mri technology and many more. The academy has one of the best laboratories available and has an excellent faculties to make students more comfortable with their subjects. The academy is available in various places like Fresno, Concord, San Mateo and Modesto. In case of any other doubts regarding the program , there is always a customer heplline number available in the website to help students or students can fill in the form provided so that the representatives will call you to clarify your doubts.The students can start to enroll themselves to the program as the admission has been started by the academy. Grab a campus near your place and get admitted to this wonderful program as there is only limited seats available.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Comeback Aussies

With the Australians having a set back of losing the ashes series to England.And also re-grouping after the retirement of its giants like Mcgrath,Warne,Gilchrist,Gillespie the aussies have struck form finally in the ICC event concluded last week.The new look side branded as the underdogs came up with a fighting display of passion and courage to outplay all its opponents.Thanks to its captain and Ponting.Aussies have once again proved why they are so mighty when it comes to big events.Teams like India should stop blaming injuries and should come up with good performances like the aussies.

Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

Getting motorcycle parts for your favorite hog vehicles is not difficult anymore.The shop provides various Harley davidson parts parts for vehicles. Various parts and accessories provided by the shop are dyna glide,V-rod, Sportster,Softtail and many more.The shop has also introduced its october sale offer by giving the spare parts and accessories at a discount price to its customers. The spares and accessories available in the shop are considered as one of the best in the market. The shop has a reputation of providing customer satisfaction as its first priority. The shop is providing a october discount offer ,so customers hurry up anf grab this womderful offer and be rest assured about your vehicle.


The champions league is scheduled to start today with top franchises from many nations participating, the tournament is expected to be a cracker.The T20 format has brough different age groups together and this tournament will be no exception.With Indian player Virender Sehwag making a comeback to the international side after injury, this tournament will be crucial for him before the all important australia series.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Champions Trophy

The ICC champions Trophy is scheduled to begin on September 22 with the first match between host South Africa vs Sri Lanka . With Australia in its most recent down turn all the teams in teh tournament will be having a fairly good chance to win the tournament. All the Best for all the teams for the tournament.

Best Time

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NZ sweeps T20 Series

New Zealand swept Sri Lanka in the second T20 game in Sri Lanka. The New Zealanders suffering a 0-2 wash out ion the test series against Sri Lanka defeated the Lankans in both the T20 to regain some glory.

Online Car Search

Online car search is made easier than never before.Getting a used car through online is just a click away. Buying a used car is not that much easier as it is said. The condition of the engine , performance, mileage and the overall performance of the car has to be taken into account. Used cars, new cars , cars for leasing, van leasing and many more features are also available in the website. The price comparison , year of purchase, mileage, engine transmission features are also available to customers reference. In addition to that customers review are also available o the customers for valuable advice. Get your used cars in the best shop to get the best performance.!!

England loses to Aus

England lost the first one day game to Australia in the ongoing one day series. England riding high in the confidence of triumphing the ashes series lost its first one day game against Australia in the series. Australia have set England target of 260 but eventually England falling short by four runs. The second ODI is scheduled on September 6 th at Lords.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ganguly Captain 2nd Innings

Sourav Ganguly has been named captain of his franchise Kolkata knight Riders (KKR) once again for the upcoming IPL season. Meanwhile Former Indian coach John Wright has been named as the coach for the KKR. Good Luck Ganguly for his 2nd innings as a captain.

Chief Supply

Chief is one of the best and reputed shops for Law enforcement, EMS, Surveying Industries, Fire and many more since 1977. The shop has its own reputation of excellent customer satisfaction and also worry free shopping. The shop provides one of the best handcuffs available in the market at a considerably low price than any other shop in the market. Safariland standard chain link, Peerless cuff clip, Hiatt-Thompson 1010 series, ASP tactical Handcuffs and many more handcuffs model are available in the shop. The shop provides more than 40,000 products on stock with different brand names to add it to its advantage. Customers can call the shops customer friendly toll free number between monday-friday to clarify their doubts regarding their products. Chief provides one of the fastest shipping in the market. Get your shopping done in Chief and make the most of now.

Flintoff Retires

Andrew Flintoff has announced his retirement from International test matches after the ashes test series. Meanwhile Kevin Pietersen has been ruled out of the rest of the ashes series due to injury. England lookes vulnerable without pietersen though they have some promising talents in the squad.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Salsa

Texas may be famous for many different things for many people. But for people who know Texas better they would be selective in picking up one thing as famous in Texas and that is Lococowpoke. The shop provides best salsa products like Caliente Salsa , Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce , Drink mixes , Desserts and Toppings and many more. Fredericksburg Farms Caliente Salsais one of the best products available in the shop. Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce available in the shop is the best when combined with meat or fish. The product provides the best combination when mixed with salad dressing. One mre product that makes me feel so happy to write about is the Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
The product is a wonderful party snack and the product is more spicier than any product in the shop. The prices in the shop are very lesser than any shop in Texas. If you are in Texas, then try this wonderful shop which is just few streets away from your home.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Gifts

Posylane is one shop that provides quality gift items and other accessories. The website provides many gifting items for its customers. The laundry bag provided by the shop is the best and cheapest laundry bag available in the market. The laundry bag are also created with oh mint signature fabrics that gives an advantage to its customers. Chocolate Giraffe, Pink Pony, Cadet, Chocolate Booms and many more laundry bags are available. All kinds of Bath Towel Wraps are also available in the shop. The bath towel wrap come in five different colors for its customers to chose from. In addition, customer review is also available for the customers to know about the quality of the product. The shop also provides kindergarten nap mats for children. The nap mats are so attractive in design and best in quality. The price of the mats are very cheaper when compared to other shops. Chocolate Blooms, Navy-aqua, Hot- pink zebra are some of the nap mats available in the shop. Customers hurry up to avail your special gift and offers available inthe posylane and present a worthful gift to your loved ones.

Wholesale Electronics

Wholesale Electronics is one website that provides its customers a large variety of electronic items with a very less amount to pay for it. The shop provides electronics at a very low price when compared to other shops in the market. The iphones provided in the shop is one of the best and cheapest in the market. The shop provides iphone wholesale distribution at a very low price. The iphone wholesale distribution is done at a retail price to its customers. The shop provides various electronic goods like 3g phones , ipods , ps2 , ps3 , xbox, laptops, nintendo wii and many more. The shop provides ipods wholesale distribution at a lowest price offered in the market. The website also provides testimonials of its old customers so that customers can get to know about the quality and services of the products offered. It just takes two minutes to sign-up to the website and become a member to access and buy products from the website. Customers get your electronics goods in the shop and make the most of now.

Printable Cards

People usually print invitation cards to invite people for a special occasion. There are different types of cards available for different occasions. Birthday cards, Friendship cards, Holiday cards, Family cards and many more. Getting your invitation cards perfect for your occasion is vary important as the invitation usually reflects on the importance of that occasion. E-cards have become more famous these days as the time taken to send a e-card is very less than compared to that of posting a invitation card. The website provides free printable cards for your special occasion. The website has categorized many occasions making it easier for its customers. The collection of cards available in the website are very large in number and high in quality. Get your printable cards done here and make your occasion a special one.

Ticket Solutions

Ticket Solutions is one place where people can book their tickets for various activities in and around your place . Ticket Solutions provides its customers great benefits like booking tickets for concerts, football, rugby, and various activities.
The website also provides additional features like top 10 booked tickets and also provides last minute offers to its customers . Customers can book tickets for music concerts, rugby, football, F1 racing, tennis, horse racing and many more. Ticket Solutions has a cutting edge over other websites like providing tickets for those rare events where customers find it hard to get tickets outside.
Customers can get tickets for almost all events in the United Kingdom.
The website is one of the leaders in providing Ticket Solutions to its customers. The websites easy and customer friendly features provides its customers to use the website than any other website in the market

Monday, July 13, 2009


Fish tank is one of the best and most effective ways of decorating your home. Fish tanks provide a natural and attractive reflection of your sweet home. There are many types of fish tanks available. Getting the perfect type of fish tank for appropriate fishes is an important aspect. There are various types of fish tanks . Some of the fish tanks types are Salt Water Aquariums , Public Aquariums and many more. Fish tank maintenance is one shop that provides perfect and careful maintenance to your fish tanks. The shop provides maintenance to Salt Water Aquariums and provides aquarium supplies and many more. Making your Salt Water Aquariums Maintenance in South Florida is just a click away. Get your fish tank maintenance done in the shop and make the most of now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ashes begins

The most awaited cricket series has just begun. The ashes series featuring australia and england. The oldest series ever in international cricket. England has made a strong statement by performing incredibly well in its T20 venture whereas australia has struggled to hold its reputation set by its retired giants. The series is going to be a tough one for both sides. My support is for the england team to winback the ashes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collision Repair Experts

Getting your vehicle modified or fixed is no more a tough job. The famous autobody irvine is one shop that provides you a great collision repair process for your vehicle and make your vehicle fixed with ease and luxury. The auto body repairs done in the shop are rated as one of the finest in the market and the quality assured process makes you feel even more comfortable. The entire process is done by experts so that the customers can be rest assured about their vehicles repair work. The shop is located in many locations and customers can select their nearest shops to get their auto-body work fixed. Customers get your vehicles body work fixed in autobody irvine and get your vehicles in its pre-accident shape.

Wimbledon Triumph

Roger Federer broke the most grand slam titles won by a player in this wimbledon . He broke the previous record set by Pete Sampras . Federer won Andy Roddick in the finals to set the record.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marble City

Marble City is one of the most efficient and famous shop for buying any home upgrades or kitchen counter tops. The shop has won the trust of many customers for its elegant, efficient and trustworthy projects . The projects completed in the shop provide the perfect fabrication required for a perfect kitchen. The San Francisco marble countertops is one of the leaders in selling imported marbles . The shop provides huge variety of stones and marbles that are elegant and luxurious. Customers can also read the feedbacks given by previous customers on how they rate these products from marble city. The prices offered in the shop are very low compared to other shops in the market. So customers get your marbles and stones from Marble city and get benefited.

Friday, June 26, 2009

India vs WI

Indians take on West Indies in the first ODI game in West Indies. India with many of its star batsmen pulling of the series due to injuries should make amends in order to console its fans for its abysmal performance in the recently concluded ICC world T20 event.

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PAkistanis Rewarded

Pakistanis are rewarded with cash awards for their blistering performances in the recently concluded ICC T20 world cup . Pakistanis emerged as the title winners winning the finals against the Sri Lankans. Pakistanis were also the finalists in the last world cup T20 event . Congratulation to the pakistan cricket team,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Press Release

Online News reading and electronic news is becoming the order of the day in many parts of the world. People tend to read online news press release to know about the activities around the globe. Free Press Release gives its customers latest activities around the globe. The website provides many facilities like posting success stories about its users,and also activities done by its users. Customers can post their reviews, news and activities in the website for free. So customers get your activities posted in Free Press Release and attract the world towards you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

India lose to SA

India lost its last super eight game against South Africa. SA scored only 130 runs and Indians managed to score onle 118 runs in reply to SA target. India has not won any of its super eight games and is out of the world cup. For India its "Better Luck Next Time".

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

India out of T20

India lost a crucial game against England to make its way out of the T20 world cup. India failed to score 153 runs that England set as target for Indians to chase. Indians lost by three runs to ensure its exit from the world cup.

Friday, June 12, 2009

India takes on Windies

India takes on West Indies in their first super eight game on Friday. West Indies earlier in the tournament outplayed Australians and entered into the super eight. The game is going to be a cracker. Pakistan takes on Sri Lanka in another super eight game. Both the games are scheduled in Lords, England.


Furniture is very important as it increases the value of our house. There are various types of furniture's like rustic furniture, living room furniture, home decor and many more. Personally i like to buy a rustic furniture for my bedroom . The rustic furniture looks great and gives my home a royal appearance.The furniture can enlighten my house and make its appearance special to my bedroom . Home office furniture is one more thing i like to add to my house. A complete wooden home office furniture set is one that i desire to buy in future. Customers get your furniture from the showroom and make your home a special place to stay.

SA rolls over English

South Africa beat England convincingly in their super 8 game. England elected to bat first scored only a modest total of 111. In reply South Africa chased down the target in 18.2 overs with seven wickets remaining. Earlier in the day New Zealand crushed Ireland and won its first super eight game.

Gifts and Fun

Ahah its summer time fellas and it is time to give some cool and memorable gifts to our loved ones. Giving gifts is one form of showering our love to the person we concern . Gifts is something special that we give to people we love more than ourselves. There are various occasions where people give gifts to enlighten the occasion. Posylane is one place where you can find enormous types of gifts for different kind of people. There are gifts for children, young lads, teen ladies, fmily gifts and many more. Know what, they have gifts even for your Granny's. Posylanes personalised children's plates and lipstick shades is one special gift that your children will love to have.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ind vs PAk

India registered their victory over pakistan in their second warm-up match. India chasing a target over 150 plus runs, the openers Rohit Sharma and Gautam Gambhir gave a solid start by putting 140 runs in the top of the order. Rohit fell for 80 runs of just 53 balls . Gambhir proceeded to his half century and completed his innings unbeaten as India chased the target with ease.

Real Property Management

People who own many homes or those people who stay away from their own homes always face a problem of maintaining and placing a proper tenant. Often these things lead to a disaster if a bad tenant is placed. Real Property Management provides exactly the same services to people who want their homes to be rented or for the investors having many homes. The company provides various facilities like tenant placement, maintenance, services, conducting inspection of the property on a regular basis, financial billing and many more. The company is one of the leaders in property management. So people getting tired of maintaining their property can call a Real Property Management representative and can maintain a rest free life in the future . Be one among thousands of customers registered in the company.

T20 Warm-up

T20 warm up matches have begun and its time for India to play against Pakistan. Earlier India have lost their first warm-up match against New Zealand by a few runs. Interestingly India have never won a game against New Zealander's in the T20 format.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

IPL semi-2

Chennai super king take on Bangalore Royal Challengers in the semi final of the second edition of the IPL . The match is going to be a crackr of a contest and i am gonna watch it . MY support is for chennai super kings.


Perfume is one of the biggest thing a person has to choose correctly. Perfume is one thing that makes your neighbors feel comfortable about a person. Different perfumes are available for different situations. Swiss army is one flavor of scent that i like the most . I always prefer Swiss as my evening perfume . I exactly don't know the reason but the smell fits perfectly to my style.There is also one more flavor that i gave as a gift to my friend which she indeed liked very much . The Dolce and Gabbana was her favorite. Calvin Klein is the best scent that i have ever used in my life but unfortunately my skin didn't accept it and i developed a skin swelling. So i have to stop using it. So friends get your best perfume and make the most of now

IPL semi 1

IPL semi final 1 was won ny the deccan chargers . The Delhi dare devils were done by gilchrist and co as the team went through the delhi bowling with ease.

Collision Repair Experts

Collision Repair Experts is one company that provides efficient and long lasting body parts that are reliable than any other company in the market. The company's website provides a pictorial representation of the repair process to the customers . The main asset about the company is its customers service . The company provides a free pic-up and delivery to its customers making their work easier. The company also provides a free rental assist to its customers making customers aware of the overall expenses of the repair work . Customers reviews are also displayed to the customers advantage. A map is also displayed to the auto body shop montclair unit to guide the customers to the exact location of the company. SO customers get your body parts repaired in the company and get benefited.

IPL upsets

Kings XI punjab and rajasthan royals were the most expected team in the ipl but unfortunately both teams crashed out of the ipl and the season is heading for a cracker of a semi fnals in the second edition.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL Kickoff

The second season of the IPL games are scheduled to begin today in South Africa. The IPL was shifted from India to South Africa for various security measures will start with a grand opening ceremony in South Africa today.

Miami Singles

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Aus gets a consolation win

Atlast Australia gets a consolation win against South Africa in the final one day international. South Africa already won the series 3-1 with one more game to be played. Australia has set a huge 300 plus score and South Africa crumbled to 256 all out. Well done south africa in winning the series.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding Cookie

Cookie is one kind i like a lot to eat whenever i get an opportunity. Cookie's can be served in different ways for different functions. There are many types of cookies like birthday cookie favors, wedding cookie favors , and party cookie favors and many more. Serving the cookie is as important as buying or ordering the cookie in the perfect spot. The edible wedding favors are delicious cookies provided in wedding parties and special occasions. To customers enlightenment a special gift is also provided to all customers ordering these special types of cookies. The candy wedding favors are one type of mouthwatering cookie that can make you feel ecstatic.The price of these cookies are very low when compared to other cookie stores. Get your cookie and enjoy your occasion.

South Africa takes lead

South Africa took a 2-1 lead in the ODI series against the Aussies. The South Africans were 0-1 down in the series before they rose to a 2-1 lead in the series.


IPL has been shifted to South Africa. I was eagerly expecting to see IPL matches in India but when it was shifted away from India i was greatly disappointed . Can the IPL be a success in South Africa too.. lets wait and see..


Furniture's are always essential to portray a greater look to our home. Getting the perfect choice of furniture's is always one of the very important things to do.Recently i got a bedroom furniture to make my bedroom look further more special. A home can always be a sweet home only when the outlook of the room is perfect. After a hectic days work a perfect home can give you the best relaxation to your body. A rustic furnitures can provide you the comfort you are looking for in your house. Getting your furniture at the perfect olace is as essential as buying your furniture. Getting your perfect furniture is just a click away. The website provides various collections of furnitures that fit exactly to different rooms available in our homes. Get your best furnitures and showcase a new look to your home.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom Agenda Desktop

Mom Agenda Desktop is one essential thing to have in your family. this tool helps you keep your daily routines and your schedules for your children intact. The kit also gives space to take notes for up to four children . The kit is available in different colors like Chocolate,Lime,Royal Blue,Tangerine,True Purple and many more colors. The cost of the Mom Agenda Desktop kit is very cheap when compared to any other shop in the market.
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Posy Lane Rollers

Rollers are one of my favorite sports i loved to play in my life. I always used to love playing with rollers skating in the ice but i never got a opportunity to do so. But hey guys it will be a great opportunity for you guys to get your child their favorite rollers .You know what? Posy Lane's Ezy Roller are one of the best selling rollers in the market today. The cheap price and its attractive design is one of the main reasons fro its craze among the customers.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Posylane Chocolates

Chocolate is one thing each and every person in the world would have tasted. Nam's bits produces chocolates that are very special , delecious and mouth watering. The chocolates offered in nam's bits are cheaper as well as worthful.
One of my favorite eatable since my childhood is my black chocolate .I used to eat a lot of chocolates in my childhood days but my parents usually scold me for eating chocolates as it would effect my teeth , but a recent study found that eating chocolates[especially black chocolates] makes your heart function properly. That gave me a huge advantage for me to take extra chocolate as it had a good medicinal value. And one more important thing is that getting your chocolates at the perfect place can make your chocolates even special. One place where i love to place orders for my chocolates in nam's bits . The shop is a reputed cookie shop created by Grandma Nammy.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ticket Solutions

Getting a ticket for a football match or a sold out event or a music concert is not at all a difficult task now. Getting your ticket reserved is just a click away. TicketSolutions has many features to offer to its customers like booking tickets for music concerts, football matches or any other sports like cricket, F1 racing and many more.
The website also provides special last minute offers to its customers . I still remember standing in a long queue to book ticket for my favorite concert . It took nearly three hours for me to book my ticket for my concert. But after availing the TicketSolutions facility my task has been made easier and quicker.
TicketSolutions offers many facilities to its customers. The tickets can be booked using your credit cards too. The website also provides top ten tickets option to its customers so that they can book tickets to the most sold out show. TicketSolutions als provides many offers to attract its customers and make theri stay in tehir website valuable and rewarding.Get your tickets booked in TicketSolutions and get benefited.

Indians Rewarded

Indians were rewarded by the BCCI for its incredible performance against the New Zealand . BCCI rewarded 15 laks to each player of the Indian winning team fot its excellent performance against the NZ.

Umoo - Stock Market

Stock market and Online trading is one of my hobbies as well as interest in my life. I always used to wonder about how the market works and about various tricks involved in it. When i came to know about the online virtual trading website, i checked it out and it was really amazing and worth trying. I can buy and sell various stocks of different companies in real time using virtual money. In that way i will not be losing a single penny and meanwhile i will be getting a real time exposure to the daily market scenario. I would suggest all fellow blogger's reading this post to try the website . The process is simple . Just visit the website , fill up the membership form and you are done. You can login and can play with the real time market. Use this opportunity and improve your trading skills.

India makes History

Indians made history in New Zealand by defeating New Zealand in their home backyard after 41 years. Indians have alreasy won the ODI series against New Zealand and now Indians have sealed
the test series 1-0 to make history

Thursday, April 2, 2009

India vs NZ third test

India takes on New Zealand in the third and final test on friday . India has a unbeatable lead of 1-0 in the series. CAn India create history by defeating New Zealand in the third test...


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Dhoni injured

MS.Dhoni who didn take part in India's second test against New Zealand is doubtful for the third tests also. Dhonis injury is to be analysed on friday morning and will be accessed based on his injury level. Can India win withouth Dhoni....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My day was a mess

Today was one messfull day for me. The day was pretty ordinary and all my work went bizarre. My bus journey didn kick well. Then my classes was a bit ordinary and then my evening went pretty slow. It all startered off with my bus journey.
The bus which leads to my destination was jam packed .There was no inch of space in the bus and the bus which i boardede being a deluxe bus which has a automatic door loc system. The driver closed the door as the bus started moving . I was totally un aware of teh situation still standing in the fot path. The door closed pushing me to the side and i almost like pushed out of the bus. I some how manged to get in but my bag got struck in the door and the door completely closed. It was one horrible experience in my enire life' s bus journey..Then the conductor asked the driver to open the door again and i went into the bus. It was a very bad experience in my life.
All these things happened because of the bus driver if i have to blame somebody. He should have followed th erules completely or he shouldnt have followed it at all. The reason why i am saying it is . In deluxe buses we have the facility to close the door but in other buses there is no such system.My incident happened after two one stop from where i boarded teh bus. The bus door was open all the way to the next stop so i thought during the morning peak hours the driver doesnt close the door. So i was standing in the foot path. If he had closed the door as i boarded the bus then i would have peeked inside the bus somehow. But unfortunately it didn happen and the door was open till the next stop. Then after that stop suddenly the door closed and my fate happened.

So i advice the guys
" You either follow the rules completely or dont follow it"

Paintball Toys

Childhood days are always special to remember. Those paintball guns, spyder which we used to play with our friends always had a special place in our hearts. Tippmann 98 Custom Act PS Marker Gun set was one toy that i always desired to own. Those guns , masks and ammo hopper would always give a special feel when played. Get your childrens Tippmann toys and make their childhood enjoyable.

India makes merry

The Indian women cricket team went through the West Indies cricket team with ease in the super six stage of the women's cricket world cup. Indian women' steam is performing well in the world cup and i wish good luck to the team to win the world cup.


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India wins series

India won their first bilateral series win over New Zealand as the Indian team beat the New Zealand 3-1 in the five match series. It was another trophy in India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's kitty .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tendulkar Injured

Sachin Tendulkar was injured in the third one day match between India and New Zealand. Tendulkar sustained a injury while batting and may miss the third One day international.

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Vettori set to Return

New Zealand Skipper Daniel Vettori is set to return to action in the fourth one dayer against India. Daniel Vettori opted out of the third one day international due to family reasons is all set to return to boost the morale of the New Zealanders who are 0-2 down in the series.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ind vs NZ 2nd ODI

The second ODI between India and New Zealand has been abandoned due to bad weather . This is certainly bad news for the cricket lovers.. With India leading the five match series 1-0, the third ODI begins on sunday.

Property Management

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Lankans fly home

The Sri Lankan cricket team flew back home after the tragedy that happened in Pakistan. The lankans had a emotional welcome in the lankan airport by their family members MAny players have already expressed their shocking and terrifying experiences.It was a sad cricket tour overall..

Monday, February 23, 2009

A.R.Rahman's Feat

A.R.Rahman swept two oscar awards by proving his excellence once again. A.R.Rahman got away with the best song and best original score awards. I feel really proud of this fellow Indian for makind it to the oscars and winning it. There are many Indians who have won oscars but this has been the first time three Indians have won the oscars in the same year. My hearty congratulations to A.R. Rahman the greatest musician India has ever produced.


History is always my favorite subject in my school days . The Soviet Union had one of the largest colonies in the world when it ruled most parts of the world. This post is nothing more than the true events that happened during the cource of the soviet Union during 1932-1933. The Soviet Union seized grains from the Ukrainian nation and exported it to the west in order to make rapid strides in economic transformation. Golodomor was actually the word given to explain these events which meant ‘mass hunger’. But Ukrainian politician Viktor Yuschenko in order to politicize the issue and attract public’s attention as possible used the word holodomor which sounds more like the word holocaust and therefore can make this issue considered as a genocide . But all his plans disappeared as the European Union rejected his plea to consider it as a act of genocide but a act planned to attain the agriculture strength of the region. Yuschenko and other Ukrainian politicians tried to manipulate the history and appealed to the European Union to accept the femine as a genocide commited against the Ukrainian nation but the EU rejected it and indeed announced it as a economic policy followed by the Soviet Union Government. Even though the European Union has rejected the appeal the truth remains un-diminished in each and every hearts of the Ukrainians . Let the people of different unions claim their own view of events, still Justice will prevail.

Slumdog sweeps Oscars

It was a eventful day for the crew members of Slumdog Millionaire. The movie swept away 8 oscar awards with best musical , best director , best picture and many more. The movie is all about optimism and it has stood to its reputation by reaching its heights. My hearty congratulation to the movie crew and the director Danny Boyle for coming up with a excellent movie i have seen in my life. Many congratulations.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Windies tackle England

The West Indies cricket team tackled the English cricket team to make a draw in a great test match. The last wicket pair of the windies lasted for ten overs to make sure the windies made a draw before umpires offered light to the players. The West Indies cricket team captain was all praise for the teams tail enders as they showed enormous resistance against the hopeless English bowling attack.

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Indian Team In New Zealand

Indian cricket team arrived in New Zealand.The Indian team got a wet welcome as rain was pouring along the country. Indian team looks spirited with the ongoing success against the Australians and the Sri Lankans. Can Indian team handle the tricky NZ conditions..???lets wait and see

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chennai Marathon

Chennai marathon had just concluded a few days back . A huge crowd gathered to participate in the event . Events like Full marathon , half marathon had a huge crowd and the winners were given cash prizes. The first prize was a huge 5 lacks rupees. Events like these are a great motivation for the athletes to get recognized and participate in many more events and it also gives them a opportunity to represent India Government has taken a step in the right direction by sponsoring the athletes with cash prizes.

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England plays well

England played well to post a huge total on board against the West Indies. England scored 566/9 and declared while West Indies had early setbacks with 55/1 with Chris Gayle dismissed for 30 runs.

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My job Hunt

Not long ago i was extremely happy as i passed all my exams and became an engineer, but in this fast moving world my happiness has completely faded as still i am expecting to find a job, days are passing very fast but the companies intake of fresh employees is very few. May be i will get a better job than what i am expecting.Hoping for the best.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zenni Opticals

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IPL Auctions

IPL auctions began yesterday and it was a moneyful day for the english players as they went for huge sum of money. With Kev Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff going for the highest bid and Ravi Bopara and Owaise Shah went for more money that they were expected. It is surely a bonanza for the players in the IPL..

Concrete Cleaner

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Aussies in third

Australian cricket team which once were believed to be the best cricket team has been pushed to third position by the South Africans and Indian cricket team. The South Africans beating the Australian cricket team climbed to the no.1 spot whereas the Indian cricket team had Sri Lanka 4-0 in the ongoing series went on to the second spot. This is testing time for the Australians and they are crumbling like a pack of cards.The Aussies even had worse times with the ongoing series against new Zealand going 0-2 down .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tummy Tuck

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get well soon PM

Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh's by-pass surgery has been successfully completed . The doctors say that at least 6-7 weeks of recovery time is required for the Prime Minister to come to office.Mean while Pranab Mukherjee has taken over the all important finance ministry that the prime minister was looking after.U.S.A. president Barrack Obama has wished the Indian Prime Minister to get well soon.Prime Minister"get well soon". Your services are invaluable to our nation.

Toobeez "connect"

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India takes on Sri Lanka

India is taking on Sri Lanka in the first one day match to be played i Sri Lanka. India team went through a lively practice session with Indian guns practicing hard to tackle the lankan lions. The main asset is the mendis mantra. He has already destroyed the Indian batting line up a couple of occasions and is sure to set it up again. Can India handle this lankan spinner. The answer to the question will be shortly hnown.

India's Shame

People now a days tend to party out go for some place where they can relax and enjoy, but a recent incident happened in India has shocked the entire nation. Girls who were having fun in a pub in Mangalore has been beaten up by a particular group of people and those people has claimed that these girls were not following the traditions of India . The question is i m not concerned about the thing that the women were doing inside the pub, but who gave the right to these men to correct public people especially women from following the traditions. And another shocking news is that the leader of the group has himself justified the incident and has said what his group people has done was correct and there is no need for apologies. The government itself has not taken any action for 72 hours from the incident and has arrested a few of the sri ram sena group members.The incident is slowly erupting into a big political issue and the human rights commissions has itself come in to the act and has said it will act to get these people into justice. The latest news is that the top leader of the sri ram sena Muthalik has been arrested. Is this arrest just and eye wash or will he be given legal punishment .

Monday, January 26, 2009

My parents Reaction

The results of my exams came by noon but i came to know my results only by night 7.00 PM. The results was a great surprise to me and moreover to my parents who always had a dream of making me an Engineer. I showed my results to my dad and he showed little reaction. But inside of him he would have been really happy . I showed it to my mom and she was very happy.I felt like i have achieved something great in my life. But lief has to move on and my next phase of life has begun. Now its time to start hunting for a job and earn for my living.

I am an Engineer

hmm not long ago in my life i was wondering whether i would make the Engineering barrel , clear all my arrears and get a degree. Though my exams didn't go really well , sometimes somethings do happen by gods grace. After these miracles only people tend to increase their faith in god as these miracles come from no where else except god. The fact is i had three arrears and i wrote two among the three papers really well but the third one " Probability and Queuing Theory" was really a problem for me. The exams didn't really go well for me and i have to accept the truth , the exam went terribly bad. I was just praying to Allah to help me out from this and make me pass. Alhamdullilah[praise be to Allah] i cleared all my three arrears and now I have become an Engineer . It was really one of the happiest moments in my life. Thank god for making this happen to me
Allah is the Greatest

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Macintosh aged 25

The first Apple computer to bear the name has turned 25 years . The machine kicked off in 1984 and has been a trademark for apple for 25 years . MacIntosh was a really popular machine and it was amazing the machine lasted this much long. Macintosh was a relatively cheaper and had a great Graphical User Interface[GUI].The project to create the Macintosh was started by legendary computer maker Jef Raskin and the original machine had a 9in screen in an upright beige case, 128k of RAM, internal floppy drive, and came with keyboard and single-button mouse.The Macintosh name re-appeared with the iMac in 1998

Retailers Forum

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My fitness programme

Ah after a long period of time i have yet again started my fitness campaign. A morning walk followed by some indoor games and some fitness drills. It really helps to maintain a healthy life.I hope i continue to go walking daily

Go Acobay Today

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Greg's Decision

Greg Chappell after hearing Virender Sehwag's comment on him has said he wanted to quit all contracts with BCCI . His decision came after virender sehwag commented on chappell .Sehwag accused chappell of sharing team secrets to the media and others.

Reinventing America

America is in the middle of a economic crisis which can even go further down. The American President Barrack Obama has promised to re-invent America and steer the American ship from this economic crisis to a supreme power . The "Change we Change" mantra of Barrack Obama is sure set to develop a platform in Reinventing America into a global super power yet again.

Morkel magic continues

Albie Morkel delivered yet again for South Africa to gain a 2-1 lead over Australia in the five match series. It was a tight encounter and in the end SA came victorious.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

South Africa crushes Australia

South Africa once again crushed and nipped through a thrilling encounter against Australia. Australia set SA a formidable target and with SA losing early wickets it was always Australia on the upper hand. Then came a great partnership between Mckenzie and Duminy that should SA some hope and when SA were cruising , there was a late collpase inthe batting order with SA losing four quick wickets. Then came another hero in Albie Morkel who finished the game in stlye. It was a really thrilling encounter.SA leads 1-0 in the five match series.


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Friday, January 16, 2009


rose is my favourite flower....rose is a romantic flower .....many gals love this to impress a gal or to make her feel happy ..boys used to giv this flower
"rose is a rose is a rose rose....."

Collision Repair Experts

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Hello Bloggers!!!

Hello my dear friends. Wishing you all a happy new year . I was very ill for the past few months and could not do blogging as i was completely on bed rest. Now to some extent i am recovering from my illness and will be back on track soon.. i really missed my blogging those days and will try to be in contact with all my fellow bloggers..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dhoni's Bachelor Degree

I found this news in
It sound very interesting. When there are more cricketers complaining about the hectic schedule they have for their matches, this India captain makes his way for academics. Dhoni has joined a institution for his bachelors degree. Lets see the news that was published in the website.

" India ODI captain MS Dhoni has enrolled himself as a regular student in an undergraduate course at a local college in Ranchi.Dhoni opted for the Office Management and Secretarial Practices course at the St Xavier's College and the vice chancellor is considering exempting the star cricketer, who moves with a 'Z' security cover around him, from the regular attendance."

So far Dhoni has had good results in his cricket outings, but this format is a different outing.This format dost not require bat power,but instead it requires mind power. Can Dhoni pass in this hurdle too. Can Dhoni make his mark in academic too..??It is quite funny imagining a cricketer with 'z' security roaming in colleges with his security guards. quite funny.

Friday, January 2, 2009

pondicherry beach

pondicherry is a very nice place to be..surrounded by sea in all direction this place is very cool and pleasant..i have gone to this place only once though..this place is one of my favourite places i have visited.........

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Intresting fact about Muralitharan

Intresting fact about Muralitharan
Everyone who knows cricket would have surely known Muttiah Muralitharan. He is a legendary off spinner for Sri Lanka. But here is a intresting fact about this legend spinner. Muthiah Muralitharan is the leading wicket taker to end up in a losing side. Murali has 204 wickets taken from 40 test matches [ 39 for Sri Lanka and 1 for world XI]..Even greatest bowler can have the worst records in the world.