Monday, February 23, 2009


History is always my favorite subject in my school days . The Soviet Union had one of the largest colonies in the world when it ruled most parts of the world. This post is nothing more than the true events that happened during the cource of the soviet Union during 1932-1933. The Soviet Union seized grains from the Ukrainian nation and exported it to the west in order to make rapid strides in economic transformation. Golodomor was actually the word given to explain these events which meant ‘mass hunger’. But Ukrainian politician Viktor Yuschenko in order to politicize the issue and attract public’s attention as possible used the word holodomor which sounds more like the word holocaust and therefore can make this issue considered as a genocide . But all his plans disappeared as the European Union rejected his plea to consider it as a act of genocide but a act planned to attain the agriculture strength of the region. Yuschenko and other Ukrainian politicians tried to manipulate the history and appealed to the European Union to accept the femine as a genocide commited against the Ukrainian nation but the EU rejected it and indeed announced it as a economic policy followed by the Soviet Union Government. Even though the European Union has rejected the appeal the truth remains un-diminished in each and every hearts of the Ukrainians . Let the people of different unions claim their own view of events, still Justice will prevail.

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