Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get well soon PM

Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh's by-pass surgery has been successfully completed . The doctors say that at least 6-7 weeks of recovery time is required for the Prime Minister to come to office.Mean while Pranab Mukherjee has taken over the all important finance ministry that the prime minister was looking after.U.S.A. president Barrack Obama has wished the Indian Prime Minister to get well soon.Prime Minister"get well soon". Your services are invaluable to our nation.

Toobeez "connect"

Toobeez is a play related to work organization providing giant sized tinker toys to its customers to enable a new team building concept between them. The important aspect about TOOBEEZ team building programme is that it is not just for the kids alone. Toobeez provides sets like strategic building, clinical values and leadership notes. The sets provided are not just for the kids , it is available for ages from 8-80. People get your Toobeez set and make your innovative group.

India takes on Sri Lanka

India is taking on Sri Lanka in the first one day match to be played i Sri Lanka. India team went through a lively practice session with Indian guns practicing hard to tackle the lankan lions. The main asset is the mendis mantra. He has already destroyed the Indian batting line up a couple of occasions and is sure to set it up again. Can India handle this lankan spinner. The answer to the question will be shortly hnown.

India's Shame

People now a days tend to party out go for some place where they can relax and enjoy, but a recent incident happened in India has shocked the entire nation. Girls who were having fun in a pub in Mangalore has been beaten up by a particular group of people and those people has claimed that these girls were not following the traditions of India . The question is i m not concerned about the thing that the women were doing inside the pub, but who gave the right to these men to correct public people especially women from following the traditions. And another shocking news is that the leader of the group has himself justified the incident and has said what his group people has done was correct and there is no need for apologies. The government itself has not taken any action for 72 hours from the incident and has arrested a few of the sri ram sena group members.The incident is slowly erupting into a big political issue and the human rights commissions has itself come in to the act and has said it will act to get these people into justice. The latest news is that the top leader of the sri ram sena Muthalik has been arrested. Is this arrest just and eye wash or will he be given legal punishment .

Monday, January 26, 2009

My parents Reaction

The results of my exams came by noon but i came to know my results only by night 7.00 PM. The results was a great surprise to me and moreover to my parents who always had a dream of making me an Engineer. I showed my results to my dad and he showed little reaction. But inside of him he would have been really happy . I showed it to my mom and she was very happy.I felt like i have achieved something great in my life. But lief has to move on and my next phase of life has begun. Now its time to start hunting for a job and earn for my living.

I am an Engineer

hmm not long ago in my life i was wondering whether i would make the Engineering barrel , clear all my arrears and get a degree. Though my exams didn't go really well , sometimes somethings do happen by gods grace. After these miracles only people tend to increase their faith in god as these miracles come from no where else except god. The fact is i had three arrears and i wrote two among the three papers really well but the third one " Probability and Queuing Theory" was really a problem for me. The exams didn't really go well for me and i have to accept the truth , the exam went terribly bad. I was just praying to Allah to help me out from this and make me pass. Alhamdullilah[praise be to Allah] i cleared all my three arrears and now I have become an Engineer . It was really one of the happiest moments in my life. Thank god for making this happen to me
Allah is the Greatest

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Macintosh aged 25

The first Apple computer to bear the name has turned 25 years . The machine kicked off in 1984 and has been a trademark for apple for 25 years . MacIntosh was a really popular machine and it was amazing the machine lasted this much long. Macintosh was a relatively cheaper and had a great Graphical User Interface[GUI].The project to create the Macintosh was started by legendary computer maker Jef Raskin and the original machine had a 9in screen in an upright beige case, 128k of RAM, internal floppy drive, and came with keyboard and single-button mouse.The Macintosh name re-appeared with the iMac in 1998

Retailers Forum

Due to the recessions many people across the world would be planning to do their own business. Retailers forum is a magazine that helps the users to buy whatever product they intend to in a best and wholesale price. The Retailers Forum is the best selling merchandise magazine currently in the United States. The magazine provides all sufficient information required by the consumers to start a new business or make business deals or to buy any products. The Free copy of the Retailers Forum Magazine are available at the nearest stores . The magazine has a great experience as it has come across two massive recession periods the world has come across. The Retailers forum Magazine also helps its customers to find buyers and helps them connect with the retailers and wholesale buyers. Get your copy of Retailers Magazine absolutely free and make your own business out of it.

My fitness programme

Ah after a long period of time i have yet again started my fitness campaign. A morning walk followed by some indoor games and some fitness drills. It really helps to maintain a healthy life.I hope i continue to go walking daily

Go Acobay Today

Acobay is one of the hottest networking site where people can promote their stuffs with people around the globe and also earn money. Go Acobaying now and get benefited.

Greg's Decision

Greg Chappell after hearing Virender Sehwag's comment on him has said he wanted to quit all contracts with BCCI . His decision came after virender sehwag commented on chappell .Sehwag accused chappell of sharing team secrets to the media and others.

Reinventing America

America is in the middle of a economic crisis which can even go further down. The American President Barrack Obama has promised to re-invent America and steer the American ship from this economic crisis to a supreme power . The "Change we Change" mantra of Barrack Obama is sure set to develop a platform in Reinventing America into a global super power yet again.

Morkel magic continues

Albie Morkel delivered yet again for South Africa to gain a 2-1 lead over Australia in the five match series. It was a tight encounter and in the end SA came victorious.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

South Africa crushes Australia

South Africa once again crushed and nipped through a thrilling encounter against Australia. Australia set SA a formidable target and with SA losing early wickets it was always Australia on the upper hand. Then came a great partnership between Mckenzie and Duminy that should SA some hope and when SA were cruising , there was a late collpase inthe batting order with SA losing four quick wickets. Then came another hero in Albie Morkel who finished the game in stlye. It was a really thrilling encounter.SA leads 1-0 in the five match series.


Paintball guns is one of the favorite game played by kids. Everyone would have come across the childhood stage and no one would have forgotten the happiness and enthusiasm we had while playing with our favorite paintball gun toys. The robber and police is a favorite game played during my childhood with the spyder paintball gun . Many people would have different experiences with the paintball toys and each and every moment will be a special moment for them.The paintball toys will be a perfect gift to children's in the New Year. Get your paintball toy at a cheap and best price and make your kids happier than ever.

Friday, January 16, 2009


rose is my favourite flower....rose is a romantic flower .....many gals love this to impress a gal or to make her feel happy ..boys used to giv this flower
"rose is a rose is a rose rose....."

Collision Repair Experts

The Collision Repair Experts is a auto body repair shop used to repair auto body parts and bring them back to pre-accident condition. The auto body shop network has a wide range of reputation among automobile users as it gives a very efficient and effective outcome to the customer’s. The main objective of the network is its concern to satisfy customer’s and their requirements. The company is dedicated to a positive customer satisfaction and usually provides a great experience to the customers. The members in the company are well qualified and trained to handle any toughest projects given to them.

The core values of the company is the commitment and care for the customers. The company has collaborations with many manufacturers and credit has to be given to them too. Some of the companies are Fix Auto Branded, Enterprise Rent-a- car and many more. The auto body shops in California are considered as one of the best in business.

The services provided in the shop are the best and trust worthy. Customers can make their way to the collision repair expert shop for any repair work to be done for their vehicle as the shop is a Dun and Bradstreet verified. Get your auto body repair in one of the best shops n business.

Hello Bloggers!!!

Hello my dear friends. Wishing you all a happy new year . I was very ill for the past few months and could not do blogging as i was completely on bed rest. Now to some extent i am recovering from my illness and will be back on track soon.. i really missed my blogging those days and will try to be in contact with all my fellow bloggers..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dhoni's Bachelor Degree

I found this news in
It sound very interesting. When there are more cricketers complaining about the hectic schedule they have for their matches, this India captain makes his way for academics. Dhoni has joined a institution for his bachelors degree. Lets see the news that was published in the website.

" India ODI captain MS Dhoni has enrolled himself as a regular student in an undergraduate course at a local college in Ranchi.Dhoni opted for the Office Management and Secretarial Practices course at the St Xavier's College and the vice chancellor is considering exempting the star cricketer, who moves with a 'Z' security cover around him, from the regular attendance."

So far Dhoni has had good results in his cricket outings, but this format is a different outing.This format dost not require bat power,but instead it requires mind power. Can Dhoni pass in this hurdle too. Can Dhoni make his mark in academic too..??It is quite funny imagining a cricketer with 'z' security roaming in colleges with his security guards. quite funny.

Friday, January 2, 2009

pondicherry beach

pondicherry is a very nice place to be..surrounded by sea in all direction this place is very cool and pleasant..i have gone to this place only once though..this place is one of my favourite places i have visited.........

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Intresting fact about Muralitharan

Intresting fact about Muralitharan
Everyone who knows cricket would have surely known Muttiah Muralitharan. He is a legendary off spinner for Sri Lanka. But here is a intresting fact about this legend spinner. Muthiah Muralitharan is the leading wicket taker to end up in a losing side. Murali has 204 wickets taken from 40 test matches [ 39 for Sri Lanka and 1 for world XI]..Even greatest bowler can have the worst records in the world.