Monday, February 23, 2009

A.R.Rahman's Feat

A.R.Rahman swept two oscar awards by proving his excellence once again. A.R.Rahman got away with the best song and best original score awards. I feel really proud of this fellow Indian for makind it to the oscars and winning it. There are many Indians who have won oscars but this has been the first time three Indians have won the oscars in the same year. My hearty congratulations to A.R. Rahman the greatest musician India has ever produced.


History is always my favorite subject in my school days . The Soviet Union had one of the largest colonies in the world when it ruled most parts of the world. This post is nothing more than the true events that happened during the cource of the soviet Union during 1932-1933. The Soviet Union seized grains from the Ukrainian nation and exported it to the west in order to make rapid strides in economic transformation. Golodomor was actually the word given to explain these events which meant ‘mass hunger’. But Ukrainian politician Viktor Yuschenko in order to politicize the issue and attract public’s attention as possible used the word holodomor which sounds more like the word holocaust and therefore can make this issue considered as a genocide . But all his plans disappeared as the European Union rejected his plea to consider it as a act of genocide but a act planned to attain the agriculture strength of the region. Yuschenko and other Ukrainian politicians tried to manipulate the history and appealed to the European Union to accept the femine as a genocide commited against the Ukrainian nation but the EU rejected it and indeed announced it as a economic policy followed by the Soviet Union Government. Even though the European Union has rejected the appeal the truth remains un-diminished in each and every hearts of the Ukrainians . Let the people of different unions claim their own view of events, still Justice will prevail.

Slumdog sweeps Oscars

It was a eventful day for the crew members of Slumdog Millionaire. The movie swept away 8 oscar awards with best musical , best director , best picture and many more. The movie is all about optimism and it has stood to its reputation by reaching its heights. My hearty congratulation to the movie crew and the director Danny Boyle for coming up with a excellent movie i have seen in my life. Many congratulations.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Windies tackle England

The West Indies cricket team tackled the English cricket team to make a draw in a great test match. The last wicket pair of the windies lasted for ten overs to make sure the windies made a draw before umpires offered light to the players. The West Indies cricket team captain was all praise for the teams tail enders as they showed enormous resistance against the hopeless English bowling attack.

File Extension Library

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Indian Team In New Zealand

Indian cricket team arrived in New Zealand.The Indian team got a wet welcome as rain was pouring along the country. Indian team looks spirited with the ongoing success against the Australians and the Sri Lankans. Can Indian team handle the tricky NZ conditions..???lets wait and see

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chennai Marathon

Chennai marathon had just concluded a few days back . A huge crowd gathered to participate in the event . Events like Full marathon , half marathon had a huge crowd and the winners were given cash prizes. The first prize was a huge 5 lacks rupees. Events like these are a great motivation for the athletes to get recognized and participate in many more events and it also gives them a opportunity to represent India Government has taken a step in the right direction by sponsoring the athletes with cash prizes.

411 Dating Info

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England plays well

England played well to post a huge total on board against the West Indies. England scored 566/9 and declared while West Indies had early setbacks with 55/1 with Chris Gayle dismissed for 30 runs.

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My job Hunt

Not long ago i was extremely happy as i passed all my exams and became an engineer, but in this fast moving world my happiness has completely faded as still i am expecting to find a job, days are passing very fast but the companies intake of fresh employees is very few. May be i will get a better job than what i am expecting.Hoping for the best.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zenni Opticals

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IPL Auctions

IPL auctions began yesterday and it was a moneyful day for the english players as they went for huge sum of money. With Kev Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff going for the highest bid and Ravi Bopara and Owaise Shah went for more money that they were expected. It is surely a bonanza for the players in the IPL..

Concrete Cleaner

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Aussies in third

Australian cricket team which once were believed to be the best cricket team has been pushed to third position by the South Africans and Indian cricket team. The South Africans beating the Australian cricket team climbed to the no.1 spot whereas the Indian cricket team had Sri Lanka 4-0 in the ongoing series went on to the second spot. This is testing time for the Australians and they are crumbling like a pack of cards.The Aussies even had worse times with the ongoing series against new Zealand going 0-2 down .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tummy Tuck

Rodeo Drive plastic surgery provides many effective methodologies of plastic surgery to reduce excess skin after pregnancy and it also provides an efficient tummy tuck surgery to reduce our tummy. Abdominoplasty, the other name of tummy tuck is done effectively in Rodeo drive. The surgery is available for both men and women who suffer from fat around their abdomen and women who suffer from excess skin after pregnancy and many more cases. An incusion is made within the bikini or the boxer so that no surgery marks will be seen after the surgery is completed. The tummy tuck surgery was named as the new trend setter in U.S.A. plastic surgery by The Grazia magazine in Great Britain.

Liposuction is another method of fat removal. In many cases abdominoplasty is combined with liposuction to yield a better result in reducing the fat and also minimizing the scars around the abdomen. The liposuction surgery done in the Rodeo Drive is a very unusual method. The patients are first examined thoroughly and sufficient treatment is provided to them. There are many types of liposuction available. They are micro liposuction, conventional liposuction, ultra sound-assisted liposuction[UAL]. The patients are thoroughly examined . Patients skin type, boy fat, and quality are analyzed and then a necessary liposuction surgery will be proceeded.

Breast Augmentation is done by women to regain shape to their breast which is actually lost during the course of their pregnancy. Some women prefer larger breasts. An incusion is required to proceed with the breast augmentation surgery. The incusion can be done either under the nipple, breast or underarm. The process depends on the shape , body type and quality of the patients. The treatment done in the Rodeo Drive is often considered as one of the best . The physicians are the best and they provide the best treatment for their patients. Patients undergoing the plastic surgery in Rodeo Drive are provided with a best quality treatment, so that they can be rest assured about their problems.