Wednesday, January 28, 2009

India's Shame

People now a days tend to party out go for some place where they can relax and enjoy, but a recent incident happened in India has shocked the entire nation. Girls who were having fun in a pub in Mangalore has been beaten up by a particular group of people and those people has claimed that these girls were not following the traditions of India . The question is i m not concerned about the thing that the women were doing inside the pub, but who gave the right to these men to correct public people especially women from following the traditions. And another shocking news is that the leader of the group has himself justified the incident and has said what his group people has done was correct and there is no need for apologies. The government itself has not taken any action for 72 hours from the incident and has arrested a few of the sri ram sena group members.The incident is slowly erupting into a big political issue and the human rights commissions has itself come in to the act and has said it will act to get these people into justice. The latest news is that the top leader of the sri ram sena Muthalik has been arrested. Is this arrest just and eye wash or will he be given legal punishment .

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santoshi said...

Muthalik has been arrested for some other case. This 'Shree Ram Sena' group should be banned.