Thursday, March 19, 2009

My day was a mess

Today was one messfull day for me. The day was pretty ordinary and all my work went bizarre. My bus journey didn kick well. Then my classes was a bit ordinary and then my evening went pretty slow. It all startered off with my bus journey.
The bus which leads to my destination was jam packed .There was no inch of space in the bus and the bus which i boardede being a deluxe bus which has a automatic door loc system. The driver closed the door as the bus started moving . I was totally un aware of teh situation still standing in the fot path. The door closed pushing me to the side and i almost like pushed out of the bus. I some how manged to get in but my bag got struck in the door and the door completely closed. It was one horrible experience in my enire life' s bus journey..Then the conductor asked the driver to open the door again and i went into the bus. It was a very bad experience in my life.
All these things happened because of the bus driver if i have to blame somebody. He should have followed th erules completely or he shouldnt have followed it at all. The reason why i am saying it is . In deluxe buses we have the facility to close the door but in other buses there is no such system.My incident happened after two one stop from where i boarded teh bus. The bus door was open all the way to the next stop so i thought during the morning peak hours the driver doesnt close the door. So i was standing in the foot path. If he had closed the door as i boarded the bus then i would have peeked inside the bus somehow. But unfortunately it didn happen and the door was open till the next stop. Then after that stop suddenly the door closed and my fate happened.

So i advice the guys
" You either follow the rules completely or dont follow it"

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