Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Bike Ride!!!

Well it happened some two years back when all my friends were pro in driving bike, i was the only one still did n know to ride a bike. Everyone around me scolded me for not driving , my brother , my mom, dad, friends, everyone. Then one day i got courage and started to drive my bike. Ah forgot to tell my bike is Splendor. Great bike. Then with my friends help i started to drive bike, all went well and i was so comfortable driving my bike, i was driving in a lonely place fully dark , i was driving and my friend was behind my back. Suddenly a car came from behind and i got nervous and i did something which even now i could n remember, my bike was down, i was under my bike and my friend was also under it. Unfortunately i saw myself and my bike, nothing happened, then we went to some place which had some light. My friend asked to stop the bike , i also stopped, he saw his leg foot in the light and was fully blood red. he explained what happened, when i was about balancing my bike, his leg slid and got struck in the silencer, i felt sorry, we went to medical shop and applied medicine, Thank god nothing serious happened to his leg. Then i told to myself, even if u fall no problem , don't make others in trouble for it. So from then on, i all alone started to drive my bike and some how i managed to get with my bike license.
".................I still feel sorry for my friend................................."

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