Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grande Opening to a huge Event.. "OLYMPIC"

All the way around , at last Beijing has made a mark wit its opening ceremony in China. The ceremony exactly started at 08 PM 08 minutes past 08 seconds. The grand opening ceremony was held in the BIRDS NEST. The opening ceremony lasted for 3 and a half hours and the Olympic torch was lit by China's first Olympic gold medalist. "Forgive me. i don't know his name.." but truly those who witnessed the olympic torch lit would have been amazed as the occasion was nothing but sensational. All the way around the torch bearer flying across the sky pretending like running in the sky and finally came to the torch and lit it..though my words were not powerful to explain the scene, the occasion was a grand spectacle. although i watched it in my television, those who were there witnessing would have gone crazy watching those spectacular scenes.
"Welcome Olypics to Beijing."


Anonymous said...

Viva Indonesia..hope that my country will get gold medal

Anonymous said...

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