Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Asyncast Corporation, Rocketron is a hands free mobile news service that provides its customers all news services in their mobile. Customers are often in a move with their work related schedule and often does not get time to read news papers or watch it in television. Rocketron provides its customers mobile news service with different sections like sports, politics, world news, religion, and many more. Customers can customize it with the keyword provided in the website or can speak via their phone. So that customers can listen to those mobile news they are widely interested in. The sign up process for this mobile news service is completely free to its customers and the sign up process is quite simple. And to customers convenience, they can also hear those news they want to hear again by just speaking repeat in their phone. The attractive feature of the service is that they understand the insecurity in internet and they provide a optional registration for their services. Even those who have not registered will be provided with the best services. So customers can try this amazing mobile news service with the number provided in their website and can hear news when they are on the move.