Thursday, March 13, 2008

sMokIng facts!!!

...->Tobacco is the only product, that when used as intended, damages the body and causes numerous life threatening health ailments.

...->Tobacco products contain close to 5,000 different chemicals, of those chemicals 69 are known to cause cancers.

...->10% of all infant deaths, 14% of preterm deliveries and 20 - 30% of low birth weight babies can be directly related to smoking during pregnancy. Additionally, seemingly healthy babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy were found to have narrow airways and decreased lung function.

...->Aside from heart and lung issues, smoking also has a detrimental effect on the digestive systems. It can cause infertility, peptic ulcer disease and delayed healing in wounds.

...->90% of all lung cancer deaths can be directly contributed to smoking. In addi tion to that, smoking is responsible for 80 to 90% of all deaths related to chronic lung diseases.


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If you continue to smoke throughout your pregnancy, you risk harming the child in your womb. Before you became pregnant, you were only harming yourself, but now you’re responsible for the life growing inside you too. If you smoke during pregnancy, you are more likely to birth a child who is underweight.